She wears the sun on her skin and smells like a southern France vacation in summer. She is the boss, both at work and in her life. She wears her independence on her sleeve and her feminine energy guides her through all decisions. She loves and is loved. She adores and is adored. Her skin is youthful, her hair fabulous and effortless. She wraps herself in silk and jewels, to worship her godly existence. She celebrates life every day. She knows what she deserves and gives it to herself. She knows she is a goddess and owns it like no-one else. Silk Drip is me, you and any woman who loves and adores herself enough to give herself the luxurious lifestyle she is entitled to. 


Do you desire a more luxurious lifestyle? Are you looking for ways to embrace your feminine energy? Do you want to look and feel elegant in your daily life as well as in your sleep? Allow Silk Drip to take you there xx